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    An alternative lifestyle?

    Dream ...

    About the freedom of the waterways

    Do it !

    Live on a barge.

    DBA - The Barge Association

    Is the club for actual or would-be barge-owners and for anyone interested in barges for cruising and living in Europe.

    We are here to help and support you.

    For less than the cost of a cuppa per week!

    Our Association offers you

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    Knowledge and understanding

    Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned boater we can provide you with a fountain of knowledge and experience. We serve our members by:


    Organising and presenting the Association's resources for easy access.


    Providing a comprehensive library of documents that covers all aspects of barging.


    Writing and publishing reference books about buying and handling barges.

    The worth of good words

    To make certain you are well informed we collect, collate and publish useful and topical articles through a variety of channels. Members benefit by:

    Magazine & Newsletter

    Delivering bi-monthly issues with informative and enjoyable articles.

    Discussion Forum

    Allowing our members to ask,  and answer questions - and search for past discussions.

    Social Media

    Hosting a Facebook group for members to chat and show their experiences and photos.

    The Human Connection

    If you are looking for others who understand your passion for the waterways - we can link you in with the other inhabitants of 'The Long Village'. We bring our members together by:

    Boat Rallies

    Organising gatherings for Members, with and without boats for social and practical experiences.

    Informal Gatherings

    Facilitating informal local gatherings and internet meetings away from their vessels.

    Making Contact

    Helping members find others nearby or those with similar interests.

    What do our members say?

    Most importantly, over 95% are completely satisfied with what DBA - the Barge Association does for them.


    I had never heard of the DBA until very recently. I was talking to a friend of my wife parents about our problems. He has lived and travelled on boats in France for the last thirty years and he suggested I join the organisation. He said it was run by helpful people and this has certainly been the case.


    One of the many problems of living on a barge in London is the high cost of moorings. When I suggested to the DBA that information about mooring charges across residential boat owners would be useful, they actively organised and distributed a survey widely across the UK.


    Although we are members from a minority in that we are South Africans and our boat 'Elle' is a steel cruiser not a barge, we have found the DBA welcoming and a great source of information.

    A DBA member chats about the Association




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